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Family Entertainment Centers


If you're looking for a gaming experience that the whole family can enjoy, look no further than Electric Gamebox. Private rooms are equipped with projection-mapped walls and state-of-the-art motion tracking and touch-sensitive technology, making for an immersive and exciting experience for groups of up to six people. We created a reliable and repeatable system to deliver this experience.

Core technology:

Lidar 3x3m touch surface
Projection Mapping
Marker based motion tracking

Audience to date:

40 000+


Essex | Lakeside
London | Southbank
London | Wandsworth
Manchester | Arndale
CA | Victoria Gardens
CO | Denver
IL | Oakbrook CenterĀ 
TX | Grandsacpe
TX | San Antonio
TX | The Woodlands
UT | Salt Lake City
VA | Arlington

Unique challenge:

Repeatability was the key to this project; we had to standardise as many elements as possible to make an efficient venue rollout.

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