What we do

Our project process is divided into three stages. These encapsulate an entire project end-to-end, and allows us to deliver the best result possible, on time and budget. First, we work closely with you and your team to capture all the projects necessary requirements, constraints and desires. Our engineers then take this information and created a detailed and comprehensive solution design. This design is then executed by our installation and build engineers.

Below you will find a details on how we approach each stage and what documentation and information our process generates for your to review.

1. Consultancy and experience design Stage

Design Briefing

Together we create the brief for the project. From here all other details will be determined. Our design team helps you every step of the way to create this.

Project specifics and constraints

This lets us determine a detailed framework for our collaboration. We also establish factors within which the project must operate, e.g Specific hardware to be used, budget, timescale, environmental, throughput requirements etc.

Layout Design and user flow

We create a layout of the space designed to deliver the best audience flow, staff efficiency and immersion for the users, depending on your priorities and requirements.

2. System design and specification stage

Solution Design

We then create a full system design with each individual piece of hardware required and how it connects to the system. This ensures not only that the entire solution will operate as expected, it also lets us plan the installation effectively and efficiently.

Hardware Specification

Incorporating all the details supplied during the design stage, we specify a list of core and supporting hardware, down to every cable and connector required to make the whole solution operational.

Infrastructure Design

We calculate data and power requirements that allow us to ensure wherever the system will be hosted can supply the required services to our solution.

Software Specification / Creation

Incorporating all the details supplied during the design stage, we specify a list of core and supporting software. This Includes the user interface for the operators so you can start planning training schedules as soon as possible.

3. Execution and maintenance Stage

Project Management

We keep you up to date on project progress throughout all stages and we schedule meetings to incorporate feedback and deal with any changes to the scope at regular intervals. We can also integrate closely within your existing team.


Once your system is physically built and installed our engineers ensure every part is operating as expected, and can be used as intended by your staff.

Maintenance and support

Whether you are local in London or on the other side of the world, VIM can supply maintenance crew and even operational staff if required. We have supported events of all sizes across every continent.


We specialise is installing complex immersive systems to the highest standard. Our design stage ensures that installations are smooth, efficient and painless.

Operational Training

The operating staff should be focussed on your customers, not technology. Our training sessions make sure everyone knows how to operate the system effectively and also how to deal with any issues that might crop up. This builds confidence and ensures a great user experience.